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Pediatric Constipation - Some Helpful S**t To Help Your Kids

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Written by: Rebecca Ramdeholl, C.H.N.C.

After having a wonderful second pregnancy, I delivered a healthy, sweet little girl.  Along with this sweet birth, came the old familiar feelings of Post-Partum Depression that I had with my first child.  It wasn’t as strong, but I recognized it right away, and did something about it immediately.  That meant no breast-feeding, despite my motherly instincts and the chatter in my head, and the rehashing of all of the statistics and studies and reports I’ve read and know about regarding child health and breast-feeding, I just was not able to do it.  Physically, my body was not supplying milk yet again.  Mentally, the black hole started to open up.  Emotionally, the fear started setting in.

But this time, there was no way I was going to miss out on my baby’s first 6 months of life, like I did with my first one, hiding under blankets, crying into the nights, and pondering razors.  I chose the lesser of the two evils…it was either bottle-feeding with formula, or Mom in a Box.

Now, I babble on like this, because I know I’m going to get people coming out of the woodwork telling me I made the wrong move, how dare I poison my child, you should’ve worked harder, blah blah blah.   In holistic health, it’s EVERYTHING about the person that needs to be addressed, not just their child, or their emotions, or their diet.  I did this as holistically as I could, where everyone was taken care of.

The reason I bring up the formula is because I knew going into the bottle feeding, that my child will get hit with Leaky Gut Syndrome.  I also knew it was fixable.  But what I didn’t anticipate was the CONSTIPATION that hit us when we weaned her off the formula onto cow’s milk at age 1.  Since my first child reacted to cow’s milk as well, I knew to take her off cow’s milk right away, and I switched her to almond milk.  My first child went on rice milk.  Oh the cries and complaints and worries we received from our families about the need for calcium, fat, the child will starve!  Well, they survived.  And thrived.  But I digress….

Constipation was bad for the little one with her little tiny bum!  We would have 3, 4 or even 5 days go by when my little one would not poo.  And when she did, they were HUGE, long, and HARD.  She tore the first time.  After that, the fear of pooing came.  In addition to this, the child developed a VERY picky palate.  She refused to eat anything color (no raw fruits or raw vegetables)  – she would only take vegetables in soup form, which I loaded her up on, and she only submitted to eating fruit from a fruit cup that I buy at the grocery store.

So, research after research later, a visit to my Naturopath, and using my own instinct, 3 years have gone by, and I’m happy to say that this crap (pun intended) has been dealt with.

Yes, it took almost 3 years to find the cause and to address this….

So, what did I do?  Here’s my stash below…

Coconut flour!!  I have no clue if the child has a gluten-allergy, but the last thing I needed was something gluey in her breads that she loves so much.  Think of gluten like a glue….it gums you up bad.  She didn’t always like it as much as “regular” breads because of the texture, but when she did take my homemade banana or zucchini breads made with coconut flour, a nice dump usually came the next day.  But I get sick of banana bread all the time, so that’s when my other items come in handy…

Kids multi-vitamin supplement!  I found a good one that my kid would take, and quite frankly, they are immensely more nutritious and healthier than the drug store stuff – like Flinstones – that are loaded with fillers, color and overall unnecessary rubbish.  Vitamin C is known to help  alleviate constipation. A multivitamin is a good idea, because with constipation unfortunately, you get a build up of toxicity in the body, so I just try to get the good guys in there to fight some of the bad guys until they get their evacuation notice.

NOTE:  usually not a good idea to take a single vitamin only in large doses because it doesn’t happen in nature.  Everything is mixed together in our foods, and this is how our body is meant to assimilate them…they all work together to help get each other assimilated and digested and distributed. 

Oh, the fruit cup.  Yes, it’s store-bought and it’s from Motts.  But if the kid will eat it, I’m giving it to her.  I try to find something that says unsweetened, and organic if possible.  I also vary the flavors I give her.  My goal however is to make some homemade apple sauce/fruit snacks that she’ll actually like, and this will be my project for when the kids BOTH start school in September *squeal*!!!  This snack is also good for hiding in the probiotic powder that I used for her.

Our daughter only drinks water.  That’s it.  This is a biggie, and I’m so grateful that this is the only thing she WANTS to drink.  Not even almond milk anymore.  So, in her water, we put in a teaspoon of fiber and probiotic.  She can’t taste it in her water, and she’s getting the essentials she needs for a healthy gut.  It included two strains of probiotics, and didn't include Psyllium which absorbs 40x its weight in water (bad!), but Inulin (good!) – a soluble dietary fibre from the chicory root which helps prevent constipation, and helps maintain a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the colon.

A probiotic powder. It helped alleviate my older daughter’s eczema, and it’s now working its magic on my younger daughter’s constipation issue.  I sneak the powder in wherever I can….soups (make sure it’s not too hot), water, my baking, sandwiches.  The probiotic is said to assist with alleviating or reducing food allergies because it helps close up the perforations in the gut (Leaky Gut), therefore, helping reduce or even eliminate food allergies (my goal!).  I’ll let you know how that goes : /

Next up is my Hemp Hearts!  Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds.  Oh. My. God.  It is a godsend.  I love it myself…has a nutty flavor and texture.  It can replace nuts nutritionally and in the kitchen cooking, and it’s loaded with protein, fibre, and omegas!  It is a high source of Magnesium, Iron, and Manganese (has antioxidant effect).  I stick this in ALL of my baking!  I even snuck it into the kids’ spaghetti.  The little one will pick it out if she sees me pouring it in, so I have to sneak it in right now : (  I even personally use this in my smoothies or shakes for that added “oomph.”

Finally, fish oil.  The kids don’t like it, but too freakin' bad!  It’s such an important part of the healing process, that I try to give it to them anyways…again, by sneaking into their warm oatmeals, or warm soups.  But straight up is best.  DHA and EFA is excellent for growing kids and the noggins…and any good oils will be lubricating and soothing to the tract and gut.

In the real food realm, broths, broths, broths.  Homemade broths.  Homemade soups.  Cooking/frying with coconut oil.  Spelt flour, or coconut flour.  This is a must.  Even if it’s crappy ol’ spaghetti, if it’s homemade with grass-fed beef, some ancient grain noodles, homemade tomato sauce and real olive oil, it’s better than anything you would buy prepped at the store or restaurants.  And the LOVE that goes in it, goes a long way.

Oh, and we ditched the Goldfish crackers.  It was the worst thing ever for my little sweetie, and with cries and screaming, I took it away from her, and days later she stopped asking for them, and after that, the poo started coming.  Everything just started to work.

Well, that's all of my stash and I use them almost every day, and it’s working : )  The little runt now poops every day, sometimes twice a day, and proudly announces it to the household when she does.  A sweeter proclamation I’ve never heard than hers.  Happy pooping everyone!


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