• Rebecca Ramdeholl, CHNC

Hibernation - Update

I guess I should have told you. Whenever Hallowe'en ends, I pretty much go into hibernation, which is why I haven't been posting much on my blog. Honestly, I go dark from November to March essentially. Not only is my mood effected, but my creativity and spark is very much dulled at this time. It's usually a time where I'm in reflection, melancholy, sadness, rest, and re-connection.

But during this time, I also try to nurture myself, to make sure I arise strong and ready to take on the world in the spring. One of my favorite ways of nurturing myself is making a Golden Milk. There are a few variations to this, and I'll give you my favorite version. But first, what the heck is Golden Milk??

It's basically a milk based drink, warmed up with spices, of which Turmeric is the star, hence the yellow color. It's a lovely drink that can be made vegan or not - I don't have a preference, as I just use whatever I have available. This amazing Indian drink boasts some amazing health benefits, such as:

- being loaded with antioxidants, and these little suckers are amazing at protecting the body against stress. The active component in turmeric, Curcumin, is responsible for this. Other antixoxidant power houses in this drink is also cinnamon and ginger.

- it has been a long held belief that Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory - and there are now studies that show that indeed may be the case, specifically for joint pain.

- lowering blood sugar and risk of cancer is also a benefit of this warming drink

These are just some of the benefits reported. There are more!

In the meantime, here's how to make your own Golden Milk tonight!

Here's a pretty good recipe if you're using dairy: Golden Milk

There are a ton of vegan Golden Milk recipes, but I typically fall back on Melissa Ramos' recipes for Golden Milk if I want to try something vegan-y, yet simple! Check out her video on her Healing Golden Milk:

So I hope this has inspired you to get some of this stuff in you, especially with the minus temperatures coming outside!

Stay warm, hibernate, re-charge, and stay well!













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