• Rebecca Ramdeholl, CHNC

Have You Been Red-Pilled? How to deal with the effects of "Waking Up."

by: Rebecca Ramdeholl, C.H.N.C.

“Orientating yourself while you're falling down the rabbit hole is madness. Just laugh at the crazy occasionally, or you'll really go mental.” ~ Rebecca Ramdeholl, CHNC

I’d like to introduce you to the “rabbit hole.”  I'm sure you've heard of it.  I used to love the idea of falling down a rabbit hole, just like Alice did.  All those books on display, the floating rocking chair, the tea.  It was my dream world!  I use this term often now in a completely different context now.  “Rabbit hole” is used to refer to a bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, typically one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself.  The extrication is the difficult part here.

I have a confession to make.  I’ve been falling down a “rabbit hole” for the last 10 years.  It started years ago, when I came across a pediatrician that directly mocked my questions about using something less invasive on my child’s eczemic skin.  There was just a little burst, somewhere in my mind, that nudged open a door to a WORLD of questions and doubts.  The actual shame I felt from the mocking coming from an authority figure, meant to help my child, was worst than the actual mockery.  Then I got confused.  Then I became sad.  Then, thankfully and finally, anger arrived.

Some of the consequences of being “red-pilled*,” are experiencing the following emotions:

  • Overwhelmed – or better yet, Gobsmacked : )

  • Confused

  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Enlightenment

  • Empowerment

  • Detachment

If you’re lucky, you get to experience being “red-pilled.” 

The experience is different for everybody – but in common is an event or occurrence that just blew your mind, rattled your brain, mystified you into a realization that maybe, maybe, things are not as they seem.  Your mind starts to open, not only to other ideas, but also to unpopular ideas, and you wonder why they’re unpopular.  Then you get curious.  You investigate.  The questions start pouring out.  Over time, we learn to be very critical of things we read, are shown, or are told.

After you’ve read everything to death and realize that there’s still more to learn and discover and uncover, you’re going to feel pretty exhausted.  You might even say, “That’s it! No more!”  So, what do you do when you’ve reached this point, and you still feel like you’re falling down a rabbit hole, and you’re ready to just say “I don’t care anymore”?

  1. Step back, close that book, shut down your computer, turn off the TV.  You need to give yourself a break from all this information hunting.  We’re not lucky enough to have a pensieve (**review your Harry Potter!), and so it gets tougher to avoid the “fatigue” that comes with this overabundance of info in such a short time.  In my experience, when I discovered something that challenged my way of thinking (on any subject), I spent hours, sacrificing sleep, just researching and researching.  It’s not at a pace that’s nicely stretched out over weeks with breaks in between.    If I’m proven wrong, I get anxious and want to learn more and more, and FAST.  When I come down from my hunting high, I come down hard.  I’m tired.  I get really depressed over what I’ve learned.  My self-confidence quavers as I start to doubt everything I’ve ever done or thought.  Apathy is not far behind.  This is a consequence of an awakening, whether it be a spiritual or mental awakening.  You need to step back and shut down a little while your interior starts to re-assemble itself in the new reality.

2. As you are learning everything under the sun, take a moment and truly be critical of what you’re reading and decide relatively soon whether you agree with a view point or not. If you feel in your heart that this is the way to go, then go with it with all your heart and with certainty

This will help you narrow down the amount of stuff that you’re learning, and you can now start applying your newfound knowledge in your life.  Whether it be politics, the way you eat, religion, or how you raise your family – make your choice, stick with it, and be held accountable for your own choices and be able to defend them.  Moving forward, don’t place blame on others because they don’t see things your way.    Talk.  But in the end, we all live with our own choices.  And remember, you’re always free to change your mind and try things a different way if it doesn’t work out, or it's so completely wrong.

3. As you learn and un-learn, there will be people who notice something different about you. Whether it’s in your demeanor, your tone of voice, the look on your face, or your new-found voice or whisper, they will notice something is new with you.  They will ask you.  They will tell you to smile more.  They will think something is wrong.  If they ask, tell them.  If they shut you down in an instant, you know to just back off and keep to yourself.  If they start to engage with you, then you’re on your way to having a great discussion or debate that will be spiritually heartening.  You might find a new comrade who’s been going through the same thing as you, or you might find a fellow provocateur, whether the beliefs are shared or not. 

The depression that comes from being jolted “awake,” does eventually subside, as you start to sort yourself out.  But these times can be stressful, so it’s important to keep yourself healthy enough to deal with your new crises, arguments and personal revelations.  When you’re not sleeping, because your mind is constantly racing – that’s not good.  When you start to avoid social interactions because you don’t like the fact that others don’t “agree” with you – that’s not good either.  Keep your head up – own your decisions and choices, after all, you’ve spent enough time researching it.  Keep your stress down by eating healthy and ease up on caffeine and sugar (as I find they are very jolty anyways – you don’t need any more jolting!).  EXERCISE – in any way that you can, your body will love the physical rush and the pleasant exhaustion afterwards is one to relish, not avoid. 

If you keep sleep, good food, exercise, and a social life/family life in your daily routine, you’ll survive the rabbit hole and eventually land on your feet with your head still attached to your body.  But in the meantime, while you’re still falling, enjoy the colors and the sounds of the maelstrom – there’s nothing like it : )

*red-pilled - enlightened; aware of the nature of the universe. Is a reference to The Matrix (blue pill or red pill) - Urban Dictionary


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