• Rebecca Ramdeholl, CHNC

Be An Ass-Kicker without Having To Depend on "Weapons"

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

By: Rebecca Ramdeholl, CHNC

So I started Earthy Fix with a dream.  I had a dream that I would be able to finally create a place for myself (physical/online, whatever) where I can speak my truth, educate wherever and however I can, and just write write write to my heart's content.  As I write, and I research, I learn.   Earthy Fix is meant to be a sort of ass-kicker, a gentle yet stern wake-up call, for all of the people I've come across in my life who were suffering and whining in storms of their own doing.  I was tired of it.  But before I could start trying to fix things, I needed to fix myself first.  I'm a work in progress still, but I've been able to complete my own personal projects on myself, and I'm very happy to brag about it. 

Defeating a long and brutal post-partum depression, getting a grip on my anxiety attacks and beating it into submission, losing weight, gaining muscle, clearing up brain fogs, getting my hormones in check, being able to do back arches and splits (at my age) are all accomplishments that I'm happy to, and should be allowed to, acknowledge and shout to the world.  Cuz it was hard.  It was really hard, and long.  But guess what?  Anything worth doing, is worth doing right and for the right reasons.  My reasons were very personal to me.   To be strong.   Watching people I love slowly succumb to their diseases and conditions, was a major push for me to not replicate it.  It was never about "looking good," or fitting into jeans.  All of that was just a side effect of good living.  It was strength that I wanted.  And I got it.  I was strong enough to carry my teenager when she fainted on the stairs from dehydration.  I was strong enough to carry my youngest in my arms, when she broke her arm ice-skating, and had strength to add on a huge duffel bag all the while she's screaming.  I didn't break a sweat (that came after :/ ).  Helping lift and carry heavy furniture up the stairs, or carrying 15 grocery bags in one trip.  I did it.  And again, I'm allowed to brag because I worked on it.  When you get physically strong, you get mentally and emotionally strong.  It's all connected. 

I want that for you.  Earthy Fix is here to give you information on nutrition and stress management, sure.  But the heart of Earthy Fix, is to help YOU fix YOU.  It's to periodically help you get off your ass and do something about your issues.  Self-reliance is so important.  I understand that one can get tired.  Buh-lieve me.  But this is your life.  You want to be able to take care of yourself, and thrive and enjoy it to the fullest.  You shouldn't be dependent on things to get you through your day, or to keep you from lashing out.  Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, pills - they're okay (except cigarettes) for occasional things, or when necessary (pills) - but they should NEVER be used as a crutch.  If it is, there's a problem. 

Dependence on coffee, for example, is huge.  But you can enjoy your coffee and not become dependent, if you just go easy with it.  You don't need a triple, triple grande whatever twice a day.  THAT'S INSANE.  I'll repeat....THAT'S. INSANE.

Here's a great article on symptoms of caffeine withdrawal - all based on scientific-evidence, so you don't have to just take my word for it!  These symptoms suck!


Whatever your choice of "weapon" to fight your everyday problems, make sure you know how to fight without any at all.  Make sure you're sleeping properly.  Make sure you're nurturing your relationships.  Don't let people walk all over you and make you feel less than, whether it's your children, parents, spouse or boss.  Eat better.  Drink more water, and less of everything else.  Move. Maybe rehash a childhood hobby that you used to love doing. 

Yes things are hectic.  You have to make sure the kids are okay first, dinner's gotta be done.  Work is all-encompassing.  You're "old."  You have "no money."  There's no time.  Well, I'm here to call out your bullshit.  You HAVE to make yourself a priority.  If you need to cause a scandal within the family, because you want some time for yourself, then do it.  In the end, everyone around you will benefit. It is not a selfish thing.  It is a health thing.  You have just as much right as anyone to feel good within your body, and to have breaks from the daily crap.

A great way to start is to download my e-book: The Little Book of Ass-Kickers: 5 Ways to Get Your Health Back on Track Naturally.

After a while of really taking care of yourself, you're going to see.  You're happier than everyone around you.  You've got it good.  You'll see.


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